Blue Moon Essentials and Rituals

What Is A Blue Moon?

Chances are you’ve uttered, ‘once in a blue moon!’ a few times in your life. But what is a Blue Moon and why does it sound like a rare astronomy marvel? Is it really blue?

Well, when that Blue Moon blesses our night sky only every two and a half to three years, you may be surprised that it really isn’t blue, but don’t be so quick to scoff at its ordinary appearance. A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons in one calendar month, or even in one astrological season. While it may not be a visual show stopper, this SUPERFULL moon can definitely rock your world.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of A Blue Moon?

The full moon brings heightened emotions, potent creativity, completion, confirmations and a period of abundance. As the new moon is a time of sowing the seeds of inspiration, the full moon is when we bare witness to these intentions coming to fruition. What a powerful time to reflect, lean into your intuition and take personal inventory of what is working and not working in your life, shedding and letting go.

If a regular old full moon is this awesome, a Blue Moon is a supercharged full moon! Everything about your Blue Moon ritual will be bigger, bolder, brighter and more magnificent. You don’t want to miss this astrological phenomenon. Imagine what you could create!

Blue Moon Rituals

As with all full moons, this is the ideal time to sink within and nourish your visions, your body, your mind and your spirit. We love taking a little extra care during this extraordinary time, honoring rituals that embrace the energy of the Super Moon. From deeper dives into meditation practices, to breath work, to journaling and prayer, this Blue Moon is sure to brighten your path!

The Blue Moon Altar

We are fans of recreating our altar space for moon phases, seasonal shifts and significant periods of personal healing, expansion and manifestation. Start by clearing your altar with your method of choice… palo santo, sage, etc, setting the vibe for this Super Moon. Tidy up, get in the mood, throw on some chill music and enjoy the ritual. Your energy will set the tone for your altar.

Collect mementos that are significant to you and your intentions…fresh flowers, treasures from nature, your favorite incense, personal trinkets, photos of loved ones and crystals, these are all perfect additions to your Blue Moon Altar.

Blue Moon Crystals

Crystals are an amazing addition to heighten your Blue Moon experience and tap into the purest most powerful energy that the next few days bring. There are few stones that will guide you into this rare period as divinely as our favorites below. Adorn your altar with them, place one on your beside, meditate with one on your heart or even wear one, but don’t miss this opportunity to work with these energetic powerhouses.


The stone of mysticism, Labradorite is connected to all of the earthly elements. It holds mystical powers that illuminate transformation, deepen healing and bring life force to those who trust in her grounding nature. Calming and transformative, this stone is absolutely stunning and a wonderful addition to a Blue Moon ritual. Connected to the Third Eye and the Throat Chakra, Labradorite helps us speak our truth and aligns us with our higher purpose.

Are you a Pisces? Labradorite may give you the gentle nudge to let go and allow the Blue Moon to work its magic.


Known as the goddess stone and linked to the Ancient Greek Moon Goddess, Selen, Selenite helps break energy blocks, shedding light on the beauty of moving through this worldly experience with gentleness and grace. Working with the Crown Chakra, Selenite taps into higher guidance and angelic consciousness. Selenite is a must have in all crystal collections and a go to for building a powerful altar. We love Selenite!

Are you a Taurus? Selenite brings balance, clarity and a peace of mind. What an amazing way to embrace the potential of the Blue Moon.


One of the most feminine stones, brimming with divine energy, Moonstone initiates change in our cycles, just as the moon does. Be ready for a deep dive into healing, embracing the tides of your life, the dark and the light, bringing light back into your life when you need it most. Connecting with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakra, Moonstone has great psychic abilities and bridges the space between these three chakras.

Are you a Libra or a Scorpio? Selenite is a beautiful mothering stone that may bring great decision making abilities to a Libra and calm the jealous and reactive nature of a Scorpio.


The Wisdom Stone, Lapis embodies all that we adore about the mystical nature of crystals. This calming and serene stone is perfect for unearthing self awareness and breaking through limiting beliefs, inviting you to speak your truth. What an amazing tool to heighten your Blue Moon
ritual. Connected to the Third Eye and the Throat Chakra, Lapis encourages you to tap into your psychic abilities and release blocks that keep you from clarity, confidence and receiving what you truly desire.

Are you a Sagittarius, Libra, Taurus or Virgo? Lapis may be the idea stone to guide you through this Blue Moon period. Perfect for an outspoken Sagittarius, Lapis may help with refining communication skills while not upsetting those who are close. As for Libra, Taurus and Virgo, these signs can use the deep dive guidance of Lapis to reflect.


This absolutely dreamy stone embodies all that is angelic, floaty, beautiful and divine, just like the heavens. A true celestial gift, Celestite, is all about inner peace and elevating the spirit. It is one the most divine blue stones to bless your crystal collection with, and even more amazing during the Blue Moon. A gentle stone, Celestite will chill you out, clear space and bring you closer to the divine. Connected to the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakra, Celestite expands your consciousness, deepens intuition and clears blockage so one may speak their highest truth. What a sweet sweet stone Celestite is.

Are you a Aries, Taurus, Libra or Gemini? Celestite loves working with these star signs, guiding Geminis to self acceptance, encouraging Libras to keep their heart open, softening the stubborn Taurus and calming the overdriven Aries.

Are You Ready For The Blue Moon?

If you have something that needs to be illuminated, the Blue Moon is the time to bring it forth. With the purest intentions, a willingness to let go and a few full moon tools, this Super Blue Moon just may be your gateway into manifesting your dreams.

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