How Do You Cleanse Orca Agate? | Cleansing Orca Agate Practices

How Do You Cleanse Orca Agate? 

Did you welcome in a new Orca Agate stone, add a new crystal to your collection or have you been using your palm stones to mediate or journal?  It may be the perfect time to cleanse your crystals!  Yes, just like our homes and ourselves, all of our stones benefit from a loving cleanse.   

All crystals, like Orca Agate, absorb and hold onto all energies, even negative ones.  Cleanse and recharge your Orca Agate to ensure that it maintains its dynamic protective energy and clear away all negative energies that may have snuck in along the way, especially if your stone just blessed your life.  Keeping your Orca Agate clear helps it stay deeply connected with your truths, protecting and guiding you through your journey.  A fresh start is essential to setting clear intentions and receiving the deepest most effective support from your Orca Agate.  

There are quite a few ways to cleanse Orca Agate.  There is almost no wrong way to cleanse this Agate. Simply choose a technique that vibes with you, the weather and season, your surroundings, or your rhythm, giving full attention as you lovingly cleanse your Orca Agate.  This should be a calming ritual that you perform with the best of intentions, honoring your crystal companion. 



As the full moon approaches, and the light of the night is at its brightest, most powerful phase, it is the perfect time to cleanse your Orca Agate.  Lay your stones in a safe space, exposing them to the full moon, leaving them out overnight, cleansing and clearing your Flower Agate of all unwanted energies, recharging with the renewed power of the full moon. .  



Rinsing under pure water is the simplest and easiest way to cleanse your water loving Orca Agate.  While Orca Agate is safe to cleanse with water, some other crystals do not enjoy it and may end up damaged. Best to do some quick research before using this technique on all of your stones.  If possible, bring your Orca Agate to a natural water source, especially the ocean or a stream to honor and cleanse it of all accumulated energies.  Just like us, a soak in nature’s waters can renew and reset the vibe!



The ritual of burning sacred plants, woods and resins connects our modern souls   to that of our ancestors.  If you love the earthy smells of sages, palo santo, copal and others, pass your smudge over your crystal, asking that all negative and unwanted energies be released.  This is a wonderful practice to use before journaling and mediating, it not only cleanses your Orca Agate, but it clears your space, ensuring that the universe and all that surrounds you is working in favor of your highest good.  



The vibration of voice, singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and tuners is a     peaceful sound technique to cleanse your Orca Agate. Place your crystal on your altar, in your dominant hand or simply place it beside you as you sink into the sacred sound of choice, allowing the frequencies to cleanse your Orca Agate.  



Simply placing your crystals aside ‘amplifying’ crystals like quartz and selenite, is an easy method to cleanse your Orca Agate.  Storing your Agate and other stones with these crystals cleanses and purifies without little effort.  Building a crystal grid with your Orca Agate in the center, surrounded by quartz points and selenite is a beautiful way to honor and cleanse your crystal.  As you build your grid, set the intention of clearing your Agate so that it may be cleansed, purified and renewed.  


  • SALT
  • The exceptional mineral content in salt makes it one of nature’s most cleansing resources, especially with Orca Agate.  You can use salt in two ways when it comes to cleansing your Orca Agate.  You can bury your stone in a bowl of salt, allowing it to rest and cleanse overnight, or you can mix one tablespoon of salt with one cup of water, and place your Orca Agate in the salt water overnight.  While water is not safe for all crystals, we highly suggest doing your research before using the salt water method on your crystal family.  



    Do you want to capture the moonlight magic?  The human attraction to the moon is primal.  Yes, Moon Water is an absolutely divine way to embrace the power of the full moon, using it to cleanse and bless your Orca Agate.  Place a glass bowl or jar of pure water outside under the full moon, allowing the water to absorb the full moon’s energy overnight.   Store your Moon Water in a glass spritzer or jar and use it to cleanse your stones, yourself and your space, even in the darkest of moon phases. 

    Caring for your Orca Agate is vital to working with this flowy protective energy.  As you cleanse your stone, you honor the energy of Orca Agate, building a bond with your crystal, ensuring that it protects you as you dive deep!  

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