Exploring the Healing Properties of Flower Agate: A Guide to Working and Meditating with Your Crystal

Working With your Flower Agate Crystal?

Flower Agate, also known as cherry blossom agate, is a new crystal that was first mined in 2018 in Madagascar, a region that produces some of the most beautiful crystals in the world.  This newly discovered crystal, with so much to offer, is deeply connected to the Earth Element, providing a grounding, nurturing love with its sweet feminine energy.  

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What Zodiac Signs Work Best with Flower Agate?

Are you a Gemini, Taurus or Scorpio?  Flower Agate may speak your language. People who are born under these signs can benefit from wearing or simply tucking Flower Agate into a pocket to help maintain focus and bring their dreams into reality.  

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Flower Agate Chakra Connections

Flower Agate has an amazingly strong connection to the metaphysical world. It's a go-to for many healers because of its ability to connect chakras and influence the flow of energy. 

Flower Agate's pink energy stimulates the Heart Chakra, encouraging love, beauty, and compassion in your life. The Heart chakra is the center of our emotions and governs our sense of trust and our relationships with others. If it is joy, love and happiness that you desire, let Flower Agate guide you there.

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Also working intimately with the Root Chakra, Flower Agate can help you stay grounded, safe, and strong. When the Root chakra is out of balance, we become powerless, disconnected from the world, and lost. You can use Flower Agate to promote positive thinking and increase your sense of self-worth.  Are you seeking inspiration and power to take your life to the next level? Have you lost your way and need the strength to move forward in life? Flower Agate works with the Root Chakra to lift you up and inspire you to remember who you truly are.

Bridging the gap between the Heart and the Root Chakra, Flower Agate reminds us that the seeds we plant have the infinite potential to fill all of our heart's desires. Are you loving your Flower Agate and want to compliment its energy and enhance your experience?  Try pairing your Agate with Carnelian and Rose Quartz, deepening Flower Agates connection to the Root and Heart Chakras.  

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How To Meditate With Flower Agate Crystals

The pure, undeniably affectionate energy of Flower Agate makes it the perfect crystal to mediate with.  Before settling into your meditation, hold your Agate in the palm of your dominant hand and ask that all negative energies be cleared away from the stone and set the intention that it shall serve your highest and greatest good.  If you have a ritual to clear your space, feel free to use what feels good to you. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals

Place Flower Agate in the palm of your hand, creating a close connection, as you gently lay your hand on your heart in meditation.  Use an affirmation that empowers you to overcome your troubles and ascend into your highest potential. Flower Agate will guide you through your meditation focusing on bringing deeper self awareness, unearthing your potential and revealing your hidden gifts and talents.  

Do you want to increase the healing effects of your Flower Agate?  Try adding amplifying crystals, like Selenite and Quartz, to increase its healing effects.

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How To Journal With Flower Agate

Flower Agate loves to power new beginnings, personal transformation and growth.  It is no wonder that it resembles a blossom! Begin by holding your Flower Agate in your hand as you envision the life of your dreams.  Ask it for the guidance that you so need and allow the beautiful, sweet feminine energy of Flower Agate to nurture you, like the mother stone that she is.  The perfect addition to your journaling ritual, Flower Agate supports you in letting go of your fears and resistance, allowing your deepest desires to flourish.

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Flower Agate may just be the perfect crystal to let go of 2022 and welcome in the visions and dreams of 2023!

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” -Rumi

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