Everything you need to know about Orca Agate - Meaning, Uses, & Healing Properties

What Is An Orca Agate Crystal Good For?

Are you ready to dive deep within?  The majestic Orca Agate with its swirls of grays and blues, dotted with white spots, opens up an ocean of inner emotional healing.  Just like the depths of the ocean, Orca Agate helps you heal your deepest wounds while keeping you protected and grounded.  Not just a protective stone, Orca Agate promotes inner peace, releasing one from the prison of self-doubt and self-loathing. Orca Agate crystals call forth honest, deep self-communication and forgiveness.  What are you ready to heal with your Orca Agate?  What truths lie within that you kept below the surface?  Let this unique new stone, Orca Agate, safely take you there. 

What is the meaning of Orca Agate Crystals?

Orca Agate harnesses the power and energy of the ocean! Imagine the freedom that lies ahead when you reveal your deepest potential!  Do you want to washed over by a peaceful calm as you plunge deep within your inner psyche?  Orca Agate can peacefully guide you into in-depth self dialogue, while healing, grounding and protecting you.  If you are ready to release self-doubt, open up to your most divine potential, and release the emotional clutter within, Orca Agate is ready for you.  Have you tried meditating with Orca Agate, find more out here! Orca Agate is not only an absolutely stunning crystal, but it is a powerful protector and wonderful mediation companion. There isn't a more magnificent stone to bring you peace and wholeness, while keeping you divinely protected on your journey!  

When to use Orca Agate?

Has Orca Agate caught your attention?  It may be divine timing.  Is there something within that you are ready to let go of and forgive?  Just like the deepest seas that the Orca calls home, it may be time for you dive deep and heal that which you have kept unspoken.  Orca Agate whispers ‘What is your truth?'  Carrying Orca Agate stones around in your pocket or wearing Orca Agate jewelry can gently help heal, protect and ground you. It wants you to bring light to your inner truth.  Just like the majestic Orca whale, no two Orca Agates look alike.  Each stunning, magical and truly unique, like you!

We couldn't think of a more amazing stone to open space for clarity, self-communication and pure divine protection.  The white spots of Orca Agate are symbolic of purity, while the dark swirls and bands represent the past and future our journey .  If you have met an emotional chasm  in your life that feels too scary and vast to approach, then it is time for you to welcome  Orca Agate crystals into your life.  Finding your true voice is a gift that you are worthy of. If it is guilt, shame, blame, fear and anger that you are holding within, then it  has never been a more perfect time to safely heal those wounds when Orca Agate blesses your life. Crystal lovers, if this stone is not in your collection, it should be!

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