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Working With your Orca Agate Crystal?

Orca Agate, a type of cryptocrystalline quartz, is only found in Madagascar. It is perfectly named for its resemblance to the Orca whale, possessing similar metaphysical properties to these divine creatures.  This magnificent crystal, linked to the Water Element with its fluid energy, can be the perfect crystal to release self-doubt and self loathing, bringing inner peace and calm to those who ebb and flow with its energies. Inviting Orca Agate into your space may usher in a sense of wholeness and well-being while anchoring in emotional stability and protection.

What Zodiac Signs Work Best with Flower Agate?

Are you a Pisces, highly creative and driven by a strong intuition?  Orca Agate can swim to the deepest depths with you.  Those born under this water sign, ruled by planet Neptune, can benefit from wearing or simply carrying Orca Agate in a pocket when they need protection from negative energies. It is the perfect crystal to deepen intuitive connection and inspire creativity. These sensitive and compassionate Pisces work well with the fluidity and depth of Orca Agate. 

Orca Agate Chakra Connections

Orca Agate, also known as the forgiveness stone, has an amazingly strong connection to the metaphysical world. It is no surprise that this unique and powerful crystal is gaining popularity among healers. This stunning gem formed over millions of years as a creation of lava flows and hot springs, resulting in a unique crystal that washes over one like the healing waters of the ocean. 

Orca Agate’s fluid energy connects with the Throat Chakra, encouraging one to speak their inner truth and communicate wholly from a place of deep inner connection.  If you have been struggling to bring your truth to the surface, Orca Agate is the crystal to help shed light upon who you truly are, unearthing your true you and opening up a space for forgiveness. What an amazing stone Orca Agate is!    

Are you loving your Orca Agate and want to enhance your experience?  Try using your Agate in your mediation and breathwork rituals.  Orca Agate is the perfect protector and companion to take you deeper.   Is it Orca Agate that you have been searching for?  ORDER LINK

How To Meditate With Orca Agate Crystals

The deep metaphysical qualities of Orca Agate makes it the perfect crystal to mediate with.  Before settling into your meditation, hold your Agate in the palm of your dominant hand and ask that all negative energies be cleared away from the stone and set the intention that it shall serve your highest and greatest good.  If you have a ritual to clear your space, feel free to use what feels good to you. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals.   Keep in mind that not all crystals enjoy being cleansed with water, but this amazing crystal with its deep connection to the Water Element loves bathing in water, even resting in the light of a full moon in a bowl of fresh water. 

Place Orca Agate in the palm of your hand, deepening your connection with this amazing peaceful companion.  Focus on an affirmation that empowers you to discover your inner truth and reveal your intuitive nature, asking for forgiveness for oneself and for others.  Orca Agate will protect you through your meditation focusing on self truth, leading you to authentically communicate who you truly are, helping you forgive that which has held you captive in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.  This gentle yet powerful connector to past and present, Orca Agate can promote serenity in mediation and ritual. 

Do you want to increase the healing effects of your Orca Agate?  Try adding amplifying crystals, like Selenite and Quartz, to increase the natural healing effects.

Breathwork With Orca Agate

Orca Agate inspires us to dive deep, expanding and contracting as we navigate waters that heal our greatest wounds that have kept us from acknowledging who we truly are.  If you are ready to go even deeper, Orca Agate is a wonderful stone to accompany you in your breathwork ritual.  

Begin by cleansing your stone, as you would before mediation.  As you begin your breath practice, ask Orca to inspire you to open space with breath, taking you deeper and deeper into your work.  Just like the Orca Whale, you will dive to greater depths as you inhale and exhale with the peaceful support and guidance of Orca Agate.  Imagine swimming in a sea of truth. 

Is Orca Agate Calling You?

Orca Agate is a dynamic healer!  It is a stone of self transformation and the perfect crystal to safely take your hand as you dive deep below the surface, shining light upon your true self!  Are you ready?  We couldn’t think of a more majestic stone to add to your collection. 

“Don’t wait any longer.  Dive in the ocean, Leave and let the sea be you.” -Rumi

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